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We impact to to knowledge, because we know “No thief, however skilled, can rob/steal one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.”― L. Frank Baum


What We Write

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Search Engines Optimization Content

We give you content to help rank you site hung on Search Engines. We will show you what it takes to write SEO friendly Contents.

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Business Content (Ideas and News)

We bring to you, workable business ideas that you can start. They will help to challenge yourself, to never settle for less, and go for more(If not most). Not to forget up to date business news.

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New Technology Content

We are flexible in matters Technology. Because we understand “Technology is in Motion”. That is why we keep you on the know, in matters Technology.

We deliver great and informative Content that will keep you on the know.

Bizna Fiti Blog features on:

  1. Business News
  2. Business Ideas
  3. Inspirations
  4. Technology.
  5. Fun facts
  6. Online Work

Why You’ll Love Us

You are gone love us, because our content is clean. You will need not to choose on which to read, and which not to. Due to the validity, and usefulness of our posts. Moreover, you will love us because:

  • We will Inspire you
  • You will get New Ideas
  • Entertaining content will be quaranteed
  • You will learn more
  • We care for you.

We also would like to listen and learn from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment, and we shall be more than happy.

Our Favourite Articles

  • Sites that offer freelancing Jobs without charging anything
    The past years have seen a great shift of businesses towards online platforms e.g. websites. This has made many things to be done online. This, as we said earlier, (in the post online work) has brought the concept of online work for freelancers. Thus, there are thousands of clients that…
  • Beginners Guide for Starting a Blog
    An Introduction to blogging & a guide for choosing a suitable blog niche Did you know that an estimated 77% of internet users read blogs? This is according to a research published by ryrob. This means that for every 100 internet users at least 77 of them love reading blogs….
  • (Freelancing) Simple Guude on How to work as a Freelancer
    In our previous post on 5 proven ways of making money online in Kenya, we had a brief introduction to what freelancing is. A quick recap of what we said is that. Freelancing is one of the great opportunities available online for people to make money. We also had a…
  • 5 Ways on How To Make Money Online
    Did you know that you can earn a living by working online? Yes, legit money. Stay tuned to know how this is possible. In the past years, a term like online work was never heard of. Unlike in the current trend where online works are starting to gain a huge…

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